An engagement photo session is a fantastic and fun way for us to get to know you. Wedding engagement photo sessions achieve two goals- great, personal photographs are taken in a relaxed environment without being rushed and this time together adds to the familiarity with each other before the wedding day. Advance planning for your photo session will help you make the most of your pictures.

Our team recently photographed Susan and Jason, a fun, friendly couple from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We met the couple near one of their favorite places, Deep Creek, Maryland for a weekend engagement photo session. After spending some time with them and getting to know their personalities, we were able to capture some warm pictures that showcase their love and joy.

Here are some things to consider for your own engagement shoot:

  • Bring it outside: Parks, lakes, big cities or small towns. All provide great backdrops. At Cordano Photography we have done photo shoots in abandoned buildings, back alleys, diners and log cabins. Let's talk about whats important to you. We will gladly accommodate your requests and if your just not sure where to have your photos taken, that's ok. We can offer suggestions based on your location and desire to travel, or stay close to home. When you make your appointment, we will work out the details for the perfect experience.
  • Home is where the heart is: Your home is your comfort zone, and when you're comfortable, you look better on camera. Choose an area like your living room or front stoop.
  • Wear what you're comfortable wearing: We've seen it all. Couples that coordinate matching outfits, some buy brand new clothes, and some are just not sure what to wear. Clothes that you feel good in are what is most important in our experience. We want you to feel good, which obviously makes for a better experience, and better photographs.
  • Get personal: You probably don't need to be persuaded to get close to your partner, but do plan to get a few affectionate close-up pictures: hug, hold hands, sling your arm around their shoulders. You're in love, show it off!