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According to a recent study done by INC.com, nationwide, the average company allocates 32% of their marketing budget to exhibiting and trades show events. Yet surprisingly, 70% of exhibitors have no set strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors when it comes to getting attendees to STOP at their booth. The giveaway swag of water bottles, key chains, stress balls, and the occasional iPhone charger are being offered by everyone. This eliminates any incentive for attendees to stop at YOUR exhibit. They can get those things almost at every booth.

Cordano Photography offers a unique, creative and fun alternative. Our partnership with your business is designed to maximize your brand. Professional head shots will provide attendees with something of value, and therefore give them a reason to stop at YOUR booth. With hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees, your business will be the one with the attention and all the buzz throughout the conference.

Trade show head shots by Cordano Photography places potential business at your booth. A large mounted screen runs a slideshow of headshots with your company logo visible instantly to everyone. We offer 2 options for everyone that comes to your booth.

  1. Cordano Photography can instantly send images to attendees via email. Our wireless tethering software will put images on screen as they are being shot. The attendee chooses the head shot they like best, we type in their email and that’s it! You have direct, face-to-face interaction from the time they are standing in line, thru the shoot and selection of their head shot. We also put the name of the attendee in the metadata (the behind the scenes stuff) of the images so you, the sponsor, can place a face with a name after you are back home and ready to engage your new roster of leads.

  2. Cordano Photography offers attendees retouching of their head shot. After all, these are studio quality images that your customers will be using for everything from LinkedIn to business blogs. They want to look their best! For these images, we offer 24 hour turn around. At the end of the trade show exhibition day, while everyone is winding down, and getting ready for dinner meetings and social networking, Cordano Photography will be editing all the head shots from the day, ensuring that everyone has their new head shot prior to the start of the next day!

We also photograph the trade show event itself, placing emphasis on your branding. We look for opportunities to highlight customer engagement with your latest products and services.